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Arm your organization against today's cyber criminal.

Is your organization part of an industry that seems to be on cyber thieves' short lists these days? If so, you may have noticed that internal conversations about data security and compliance are growing in their frequency and depth.

Perhaps you are even the one escalating these concerns—and with good reason:

  • More than half of businesses recently surveyed by Ponemon said they'd suffered a cyber attack within the last year;
  • The average cost for a business to resolve a data breach is now $7.01 million; and
  • Today's IT professionals say it's getting increasingly difficult to achieve a balance between security and productivity.

Security and compliance expertise meets your specific challenges.

On top of the general business concerns, you must also consider the issues plaguing the industry you're a part of:

  • Restaurant, hospitality, c-store and retail chains are suffering under a deluge of POS malware, unable to detect it before major damage is done;
  • Healthcare organizations are being hit with a double-whammy of ongoing internal threats and brand-new external threats such as ransomware; and
  • Payments organizations are spending more time and money to reduce the security risks within their merchant portfolios.

Let's get started.

ControlScan services are targeted to meet your industry-specific needs. Don't see your industry listed below? Simply give us a call at 800.825.3301, ext. 2 to learn how ControlScan can secure your business while simplifying its compliance process.


We take a proactive approach to protecting healthcare organizations from cyber threats while helping ensure their compliance with security and privacy standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH. Through managed IT security services, compliance assessment expertise and high-touch support, we deliver confidence that Personal Health Information is secure and compliance is assured.

C-Stores and Fuel Retailers

Convenience stores and fuel retailers accept credit card payments in many ways, yet each of these payment acceptance methods must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). C-stores and petroleum retailers partner with us for a simplified path to PCI compliance, as well as value-added services such as managed firewall, cellular backup connectivity, secure Wi-Fi and more.


Hotels, resorts, conference centers and other hospitality businesses are known for stored guest information and complex, distributed IT environments, making them a top target for cybercrime. Our managed IT security PCI and compliance services help hospitality businesses build a strong security posture while introducing ways to make compliance easier to achieve and maintain.


Whether an independent business or a franchise organization, your restaurant is being singled out by cyber criminals. What do they know that you don't? Restaurants share common vulnerabilities such as weak firewall defenses, non-segmented networks, outdated POS systems and more. ControlScan has helped restaurant businesses throughout the U.S. to build a strong security posture.


Retailers of all shapes and sizes are taking advantage of new technologies that build their business and strengthen customer loyalty. Unfortunately, hackers are preying on poor implementations of these technologies, as well as weak third-party protocols, to access retailers' sensitive customer data. We can help your retail business keep the bad guys out by tightening the security of your current infrastructure with assessment services, system monitoring, awareness training and more.


A commitment to protecting the nation’s riskiest merchants has established ControlScan as the go-to partner for hundreds of ISOs, acquirers and payment facilitators representing millions of businesses. These payments industry stakeholders—as well as businesses who manage payment risk across the distributed enterprise—rely on us to provide insights, technologies and services through innovative partner programs.