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December 19, 2018Published by

Recently I sat down with CSP Magazine technology writer Jackson Lewis to talk about the technology “arms race” retailers and law enforcement are in with skimming criminals. We refer to it as such because, like every other area of cybersecurity, there is a continual one-upping of technology going on between the good guys and the bad guys. When it comes to fuel pump skimmers, however, there may be an end in sight…


July 24, 2017Published by

The ability to devalue credit card data has made point-to-point encryption (P2PE) technology a hot topic among franchisors. And what’s not to love? With a PCI P2PE solution in place, your franchise can check off that PCI compliance box as well as rest assured that your payment transactions are safe and secure.But is securing your credit card transactions between the POS and the payment processor all your business should worry about? Does implementing P2PE make every other security technology irrelevant to your business?


April 19, 2017Published by

FTP servers are essential for sharing files and data, but healthcare providers continue to utilize them in an insecure manner. Just last year, the ControlScan Security Consulting team saw this in action within a large healthcare organization. What happens when FTP goes wrong and how can you prevent your FTP server from leaking ePHI? Read on to find out.


January 25, 2016Published by

Whether it is PAN data (credit card numbers), ePHI, PII or intellectual property, the rationale is all the same; disclosing any sensitive data can be a nightmare for your company or product’s future. This post, however, is focused on cardholder data, because businesses with POS environments are the most commonly breached entities that exist and quite frankly, their average security posture is pretty low.


July 1, 2015Published by

You may have heard that EMV is a safer technology, which is why the banks and card brands want you to use it. So why would I say that EMV is not a security technology?


October 24, 2014Published by

“Excuse me, do you have WiFi?” While you may find the increased frequency of that question irritating, there’s no denying it: Your customers crave connectivity. And if you don’t provide it today, they will go elsewhere tomorrow.

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