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August 6, 2018Published by

I hate to say it, but what we all hear way too often is true: Nothing will focus you on your business’ cybersecurity like a data breach. Dealing with the aftermath of a breach is also much more expensive than proactively implementing the necessary security tools. If you’re a small business, a breach of your […]


December 1, 2016Published by

Employees are one of the most overlooked and most dangerous areas of security risk in an organization. The human element is susceptible to all types of attack and error, not to mention their ability to act with malicious intent.While human security risk can never be completely eliminated, it can be significantly reduced. Read this ControlScan blog post to learn how.


October 7, 2016Published by

One of the easiest ways you can protect business accounts from unauthorized use is to incorporate multi-factor authentication, or MFA. But how do you use it in a way that has a meaningful impact on your organization’s security risk reduction efforts?

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