Test my Security Strength

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Do you have everything in place to be both secure and compliant? Is the rest of your organization following your plan? Engaging a third party to conduct objective, periodic assessments of your security controls and IT infrastructure is critical to identifying weaknesses and gaps in your security and compliance that must be remediated. Left unaddressed, breakdowns in procedures and processes can lead directly to successful attacks and data breaches like many of those witnessed recently.

ControlScan experts work side-by-side with you, applying their knowledge and experience to the efficient and effective assessment of your environment. A collaborative approach ensures that findings and their severities are well understood and a solid plan for remediation is formulated.

IT Risk Assessment

If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the threats your organization faces—both natural and man-made—then you need an IT Risk Assessment. ControlScan consultants are well-versed in security best practices and certified in key standards like the PCI DSS. They’ll work with you to deliver a weighted assessment of your risk, allowing you to formulate priorities and plans for your IT organization.

Network & Application Layer Penetration Testing

To protect yourself against attackers, mirror their attack. ControlScan security engineers adopt the role of a hacker, conducting a simulated real-world attack against your information systems to identify vulnerabilities and risks which could impact the security of your data and systems. Unlike automated vulnerability scans, security engineers actively try to bypass security controls and obtain access to sensitive areas of your infrastructure.

Web Application Security Testing

The proliferation and accessibility of websites and web applications across the Internet makes them a primary source of compromise. If your website is hosting any sensitive data—especially customer-related information—it’s critical that you conduct regular security testing to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited. A ControlScan Web Application Security Test follows a methodology similar to Network Penetration Testing, looking at your website in the same way a hacker would and giving you a fighting chance to find dangerous weaknesses before the hacker does.

Social Engineering

Your employees and service providers have access to your business and customer data, and credentials to your systems. They’re also likely to be the weakest link in your overall security posture. Is your organization aware of the risks to sensitive data? Are they adhering to your policies and procedures? A ControlScan Social Engineering engagement will test your employees’ understanding of your policies, as well as the strength of your facilities’ security controls and procedures.