Security Social Engineering

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Build up your human resistance.

They’re your employees, but they can also be (and most often are) your weakest link. How can you be sure that your staff members are individually and collectively buffering threats to your intellectual property and other organizational assets such as sensitive customer data?

One of the best ways to measure and improve upon your employees’ level of social engineering security awareness is by putting it to the test. When you engage ControlScan for on-site and/or remote social engineering testing, our experienced consultants will use deceit and manipulation—i.e., the same tactics a malicious actor would use—in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s critical assets. We’ll identify where your people are weak and show you what you can do to get in front of the problem.

A ControlScan social engineering prevention engagement tests a broad spectrum of controls to identify security risks related to the following areas:

  • Employees’ understanding of organizational policies and procedures;
  • Physical security controls;
  • Visitor procedures;
  • Password policies;
  • And more.


Performing a social engineering prevention engagement test is one of the best ways to test your employees' understanding of organizational policies and identify where risk remains.

An engagement that's tailored to fit.

ControlScan will tailor our testing to address the specific social engineering risks your organization faces. For example, you may wish to uncover sensitive data hiding in your business environment, such as cardholder data (CHD) or protected health information (PHI). Alternatively, you may be looking to validate that individuals with access to sensitive information are following proper procedures, under all possible conditions. In the end, we’ll provide you with a complete analysis of the social engineering threats as well as actionable recommendations for building up your human resistance.

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