PaySafe Wi-Fi

The Business Owner’s Challenge

Fast, safe, reliable wireless Internet is no longer an option for businesses; it is a necessity. Traditional wireless access is obsolete as the next generation of malicious threats arise. Today’s businesses must ensure access to reliable, scalable and secure wireless Internet to satisfy their customers and employees and support POS mobility. Additionally, many business owners are seeking in-depth user analytics to better position themselves within their unique markets.

Arming your business with a robust and secure managed Wi-Fi service not only ensures network stability and satisfied customers, but it also provides visibility into your network users, their devices and their applications, and empowers you to make smart decisions about your business.

The ControlScan Wireless Solution

PaySafe Wi-Fi is 100% cloud-managed for faster deployment. The service provides a complete feature set right out of the box, giving you high capacity, deep visibility and smarter network management capability, including:

  • An identity-based firewall that automatically assigns firewall and traffic-shaping rules, VLAN tags and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for each class of users and provide appropriate segmentation for your network;
  • Application visibility and control that gives you visibility into which applications are in use and allows you to prioritize those applications based on critical need;
  • Mobility support, allowing you to adopt wireless POS, POP kiosks and mobile tablets; and
  • RF optimizations that automatically optimize Wi-Fi by measuring channel utilization, signal strength, throughput and interference.

Actionable Insights to Grow Your Business

In addition to stability, the ControlScan PaySafe Wi-Fi service provides in-depth analytics and customer insights through:

  • Cloud-based location analytics and mobile engagement that reveal powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, user visit time and repeat visits by “listening” for wireless devices;
  • Facebook login prompts that enable customers to connect to a business’s wireless Internet by first checking into the business via their Facebook account, while displaying the organization’s Facebook page as the default splash page; and
  • Bluetooth technology-enabled beacon and other active customer engagement applications, such as assisted navigation or location-aware mobile applications, that allow third party applications to provide asset tracking and analytics.

With PaySafe Wi-Fi, you can make data-driven decisions to drive guest traffic, increase average spend per guest, drive customer loyalty and win new customers.

An MSSP that’s got your back.

PaySafe Wi-Fi is the best of breed integrated wireless solution designed to enhance guest experiences while delivering the intelligence required to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty. We are a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializing in delivering the technical expertise, security know-how and administrative support required to keep your organization secure and compliant. We offer custom Wi-Fi solutions to accommodate the unique needs of your organization:

  • Multi-site analysis and reporting of foot traffic and presence-based user behavior;
  • Secure Wi-Fi for POS, back office and guests including integrated Wi-Fi with Facebook login;
  • Shopper sign-on integration with CRM and loyalty programs; and
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified architecture supports POS and guest Wi-Fi on the same platform.
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