PaySafe UTM Firewall Service

Employ unified threat management with PaySafe.

Your network firewall is your company’s first line of defense against malicious cyber threats. Is it doing the most for your company, or have you found yourself addressing its shortcomings by piecemealing together an additional set of tools to meet needs such as Web content filtering, SD-WAN, secure VPN and Wi-Fi, etc.?

Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology was developed to alleviate the pain and risk of deploying and maintaining multiple security tools. The all-in-one nature of UTM technology delivers a single security appliance that can detect and subsequently prevent a vast array of threats from entering your business network.

Our PaySafe UTM Firewall gives you the very best in threat detection and prevention while meeting the variety of network security and productivity challenges today’s organizations face:


  • Next Generation Firewall applies layers of network protection in a single network appliance;
  • Secure VPN provides access to remote sites via always-on encrypted tunnels;
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention with a PCI-compliant IDS/IPS sensor that detects and blocks potentially malicious activity;
  • Advanced Malware Protection detects and blocks malware, Trojan horses and phishing websites; and
  • Geographical IP Filtering blocks malicious traffic sources from selected countries.


  • Dynamic Failover detects primary access outage and dynamically reverts to 3G/4G cellular or secondary Internet;
  • High Availability feature limits downtime with redundant UTMs and dynamic failover;
  • SD-WAN provides policy-based-routing of traffic over redundant network links; and
  • WAN Optimization minimizes traffic latency and reduces the amount of traffic between sites.

Application Control

  • Bandwidth Shaping limits the amount of bandwidth a device can consume;
  • Traffic Shaping allows for bandwidth throttling based on application types;
  • Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that traffic going through the firewall gets prioritized according to the level of quality that is required;
  • Content Filtering blocks Internet traffic based on URL categories definitions;
  • URL Blocking allows and denies traffic based on specific URLs; and
  • Network Segmentation, with biannual audits, confirms appropriate configuration.

"We opened a new Domino's location and the local IP provider didn't have service to the building we leased. We ended up using our PaySafe cellular back-up for all credit card processing and online orders for almost two months until the building finally got wired."

Source: Chris Schloemann, Owner, CCK Pizza Company

We also offer custom solutions and additional features, including wireless access points, managed switches, professional installation, and circuit provisioning, to accommodate the unique needs of your business size and industry.

With the PaySafe UTM Firewall in place, you can rest easy knowing that your business is consistently slamming the door on intruders. And, you don’t have to sacrifice uptime or user experience to do so.

Save time and money with our managed UTM firewall service.

Mismanaged firewalls continue to be one of the easiest ways for attackers to enter your network and wreak havoc. It’s critical for network firewalls to be properly managed, maintained and monitored, but if your business is like more than half of those we recently surveyed, then you’re short either the manpower or the expertise (or both) to do so.

Skilled IT resources are hard to come by and even if you have such a person, they may not have the necessary bandwidth to accomplish all that’s required:

  • Ensuring firewalls are implemented for maximum security as well as straightforward compliance with standards like the PCI DSS;
  • Updating and upgrading firewall firmware and threat definitions to protect against the latest threats;
  • Monitoring firewall logs for legitimate security alerts and unexpected events, including analysis on what’s happening in your network and whether you should be worried;
  • Maintaining firewall rules to keep pace with changes in the organization’s network (and doing so in a compliant manner); and
  • Providing real-time visibility into your business's state of security through ongoing monitoring of connectivity, change management logs, VPN tunnel and latency, as well as analyzing historical usage and appliance stats.

As your managed security service provider (MSSP), we will alleviate the administrative burden resulting from the ongoing management of a UTM firewall device and work to ensure the ongoing security of your network. And, as part of our managed service, the equipment we provide also includes a full, lifetime hardware warranty with next-day advanced replacement.

99% of surveyed IT organizations said implementing ControlScan Managed Security Services was easier than it was with other MSSPs.

Source: 2017 ControlScan customer survey

It’s simply the best managed UTM firewall service for your business.

The PaySafe UTM Firewall Service improves the overall security posture of your business by providing continuous monitoring and protection against outside threats. By subscribing to the service, you add a solution and support team that has your back.

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