PaySafe PumpConnect

Blazing fast transaction speeds for dispensers with EMV chip and digital media

Converting your fuel dispenser to accept EMV chip cards presents an ideal opportunity to implement additional technology enhancements that can increase sales and customer satisfaction. One of today's biggest trends among fuel retailers is to install media, such as digital screens, on dispensers as they are being upgraded to EMV.

Adding media at the pump is good for business, because it allows your store to engage and even upsell customers as they fill up. But there is also a serious downside: These types of enhancements can cause transaction approvals at the pump to slow to a snail's pace. That's because conversion kits which leverage existing inground cabling do not always provide the speed necessary to push media to the pumps.

PaySafe PumpConnect has your back.

PaySafe PumpConnect is a plug-and-play wireless solution that optimizes communication speeds to the fuel pumps while providing fast, secure and reliable connectivity. Implementing PaySafe PumpConnect while upgrading to EMV and digital media is a smart, affordable way to boost business productivity and avoid payment transaction timeouts.

PaySafe PumpConnect:

  • Wirelessly connects the fuel island dispensers and the store (no underground cabling required);
  • Simultaneously supports EMV and video feeds at the pump, without impacting transactions;
  • Enables 100% encrypted traffic and no viewable access points; and
  • Is fully managed by the ControlScan 24x7x365 support team.

It's fast and easy to get started.

Adding PaySafe PumpConnect to your PaySafe UTM Firewall deployment is quick and simple. Best of all, installation is low-cost and does not involve digging up your parking lot, because there are no wires.

  1. Install the Access Point within your store
  2. Connect the Access Point to your PaySafe UTM Firewall
  3. Install the In-Dispenser Unit within the pumps
  4. Register the In-Dispenser Unit with the Access Point

Once installed, PaySafe PumpConnect is on the job enabling unmatched, effortless speed and connectivity.

Wireless, secure transactions at the speed of your business.

PaySafe PumpConnect is the ideal solution for an effortless, secure and speedy connection between your pumps and store. Two wire-free devices integrate into your current POS environment to power payment transactions at the speed of your business.

PaySafe PumpConnect by ControlScan

Contact us at 1-800-825-3301 x 2 to discuss how PaySafe PumpConnect can positively impact your business's operations.
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