File Integrity Monitoring

Ensure the integrity of your sensitive files.

Simplify and strengthen your security, audit and compliance posture with a fully managed and monitored solution.

For many organizations, employing steady-state monitoring to ensure the integrity of sensitive files is more than just a security best practice, it’s a regulatory mandate. Simplify and strengthen your security, audit and compliance posture by combining File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) with the ControlScan Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service.

The ControlScan File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Service notifies you when files are created or key files are viewed, deleted or modified, and when group ownership of files is changed.

Our FIM service provides granular controls and filters that can pinpoint specific files and either perform scans at desired intervals or operate in real-time mode for continuous protection. File-level behavior can then be correlated to additional security and audit activities to determine potentially harmful network activity.

"The FIM team notified us of a potential problem for one of our locations and that helped us minimize downtime at that location."

-IT Manager, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

PCI File Integrity Monitoring

With the FIM Service, users can monitor for and alert on a variety of malicious behaviors, from improper user access of confidential files, to botnet-related breaches, to the transmittal of sensitive data. This solution allows organizations to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 11.5.

Features of the ControlScan File Integrity Monitoring Service Include:

  • Monitoring of executables, configuration files, content files, log and audit files, web files, database files, point-of-sale systems and more;
  • Granular controls to ensure that each monitored file is scanned at the desired frequency;
  • Real-time FIM to provide specific details about which user viewed, modified or deleted what files;
  • Support on Windows, Unix and Linux systems;
  • Deployable on desktops and servers; and
  • Simplified policy support with the ability to assign multiple FIM policies to the same host.
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