IT Risk Assessment

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Reducing your risk begins here.

Your organization’s critical assets face threats that extend beyond the realm of technology. Your processes and employees can expose your crown jewels in ways that cannot be mitigated with technical controls alone. Understanding all of these factors in terms of business risk will play a key role in your ability to defend what matters most.

ControlScan IT Risk Assessment services and methodology will provide you with a path forward. Our experienced information security consultants will work closely with you and your team to get a complete picture of your security posture. As part of this effort with our IT risk assessment tools, we will:

  • Review critical assets and functional areas to identify threats and vulnerabilities that may impact their confidentiality, integrity or availability;
  • Investigate your organization's processes and procedures and interview your subject matter experts;
  • Assess the effectiveness of in-place technical, physical and administrative controls including implementation of security solutions, separation of duties, and password policies;
  • Analyze the likelihood of incident occurrence and determine composite risk levels of each functional area; and
  • Fully document and discuss all findings, conclusions and recommendations so your management team can quickly put them into practice.
We'll deliver a comprehensive picture of your overall security posture.

ControlScan can help put you and your team in the driver’s seat to a secure IT organization. You’ll also have a clear information security risk assessment roadmap to achieving compliance with relevant regulations and mandates, and address specific compliance requirements such as those of the PCI DSS (requirement 12.2) and HIPAA-HITECH (Security Rule 164.308).


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