Hosted Payment Service

Secure, compliant e-commerce.

Selling your products and services online opens your business up to a vast sea of potential buyers. The downside? It also opens you up to attack. It’s critical that e-commerce be implemented and conducted in a secure and compliant way. ControlScan can help.

Our Hosted Payment Service allows you to avoid touching sensitive customer payment card data. Instead, your customers enter payment information into a secure form or page hosted by ControlScan, so that the data is routed through our PCI Level 1 Compliant data facilities and then on to the processor.


Keep sensitive payment data out of your e-commerce environment.

Implement and conduct e-commerce in a secure and compliant way.

The ControlScan Hosted Payment Service enables seamless and secure transport of card data from the point of entry all the way through to backend processing systems. While you build your e-commerce business, we’ll keep your payment data secure and compliant with the PCI DSS.

 The benefits?

  • Fewer security and PCI compliance hoops to jump through;
  • Easy integration and seamless connectivity with a myriad of systems and tools;
  • Flexibility to modify the customer interface according to user experience and payment acceptance preferences; and
  • A consistent, quality checkout experience for increased sales revenue, reduced shopping cart abandonment, and strengthened brand loyalty.

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