Advanced Endpoint Security Service

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Stop advanced threats from infiltrating your systems.

As information technology continues to advance, so does the malware designed to compromise it. In fact, the technology driving today’s security threats is quickly eclipsing the standard, signature-based antivirus protection most of us have come to rely on.

The problem is this: Traditional antivirus software wasn’t designed to account for the proliferation of online accounts, integrated applications and physical devices operating within our present-day (and future!) business networks. With more and more ways for bad things to get in and good things to get out, now is the time for a fundamental shift in the way your business approaches endpoint security.

Advanced Endpoint Security by ControlScan and Sophos

The ControlScan Advanced Endpoint Security Service, powered by Sophos, protects your business’s endpoints against today’s advanced threats—including ransomware—by leveraging a combination of technologies and services for multi-faceted activity analysis and tracking, behavioral blocking, and deep process inspection.

Here are just a few of the benefits this security-as-a-service offering will bring you:

  • No Administrative Burden: Our IT security experts serve as an extension of your team, implementing innovative endpoint software and then continuously monitoring and managing it to ensure that every server, desktop, laptop and mobile device within our purview remains secure.
  • Reduced Financial Risk: Advanced endpoint protection lessens your business’s exposure to the significant financial risk a single malware attack can represent. You also don’t have to risk the financial hit of internal staff turnover, which is costly in and of itself, and can also lead to security disruption.
  • Best-of-Breed Technology Assurance: ControlScan conducts extensive research to bring you the best security technologies out there. Our partnership with Sophos ensures your business has first-rate protection against complex threats and data loss.
  • Room to Grow: As your business and its IT environment evolves, our managed security solutions keep the pace. Easy access to comprehensive reporting also gives you valuable information to support your business decisions along the way.
  • Simplified Compliance: At ControlScan, security and compliance go hand in hand. This means that our Advanced Endpoint Security solution aligns with HIPAA requirements 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B) and 164.312(a)(2)(i), and PCI DSS antivirus requirements 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3, including retention of AV logs.
With more and more ways for bad things to get in and good things to get out, now is the time for a fundamental shift in the way your business approaches endpoint security.

Additional Features of the ControlScan Advanced Endpoint Security Service

As mentioned above, the ControlScan Advanced Endpoint Security Service is delivered as a fully managed solution that is continuously monitored and provides active audit log reporting to help simplify compliance. The service includes traditional (signature-based) and next-generation (analytics-based) malware protection, with frequent updates and real-time lookup.

Additional features of the ControlScan Advanced Endpoint Security Service are:

  • Signatureless exploit prevention
  • Anti-Ransomware CryptoGuard technology
  • Host-based intrusion prevention with malicious traffic detection
  • Web, application and device control for comprehensive policy enforcement
  • Web filtering enforced on the endpoint, regardless of where the endpoint resides
  • Comprehensible threat insight and root cause analysis

If you’re looking to streamline compliance and fortify security across your on- and off-network IT assets, ControlScan has your back!

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