How do you outwit an invisible enemy? With IT Security.

Don’t leave your security to chance. Leave it to us.

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Don’t leave your data security to chance.

Here's the situation.

Every day 400,000 new malicious programs are launched. Four new cyber threats appear every second. Anticipating—and safeguarding against—tomorrow’s breach is virtually impossible, even if your IT staff were 100% dedicated to protecting your sensitive data.

Hackers are not just looking for credit card data; they’re also stealing personal and healthcare information, proprietary trade knowledge and other sensitive data. And they’ve got more ways to get to it, with business happening on smartphones, tablets, the
cloud, social media and other channels.

Who’s at risk?

It’s not just the corporate and retail giants; cyber criminals have small and mid-sized businesses in their cross hairs too. A single data security breach is all it takes to wipe out years of customer loyalty and profitability. The truth is, it can wipe out an entire business.

42% of surveyed business professionals wish their company spent more money on security infrastructure.

Source: 2017 ControlScan customer survey


How can you protect your business?

ControlScan places the highest enterprise quality protection within reach of small and mid-sized companies. With solutions ranging from basic to highly customized, a subscription-based managed security solution from ControlScan assures round-the-clock, continually updated cloud-security protection.

It’s data security that’s affordable and easy to implement, so you and your IT staff can get back to running your business, knowing our certified security consultants have your back. Select the area of the business you're interested in securing, and get started today.

Businesses around the world trust their data security to ControlScan.

Here’s why we're a trusted information security service provider:

  • Security-as-a-service (SECaaS) means knowing you’re protected from the very latest threats around the clock;
  • Subscription-based cloud platform means no investment in hardware or software, freeing your IT staff to focus on business-building tasks;
  • Certified security consultants and a highly trained, U.S.-based customer support team are committed to providing the protection and service you need today and tomorrow, with solutions that scale as your business grows; and
  • Managed Security Services backed by compliance expertise, to strengthen your security posture while simplifying compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, etc.).