ControlScan Security Solutions for Retail

Retailers are faced with new security threats AND new PCI requirements.

A single retail store hack can yield a plethora of card numbers.

The retail sector has a long history of devastating, widely-publicized breaches. Securing retail IT environments hasn’t gotten any easier, either.

Attackers are increasingly sophisticated, customer data is highly valued, and ransomware seeks to disrupt operations by encrypting systems. Ensuring that retailers have the minimum set of security controls in place continues to be a high priority for card brands like Visa and MasterCard.

ControlScan delivers stronger security solutions.

We know how important your retail business is to you. That’s why protecting it means everything to us. As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we’ll focus on your day-to-day security while you focus on building your company and keeping your customers happy.

Gain visibility to what’s happening on your store network.

We’ll monitor and secure your network for you with our Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall. Our certified experts work to ensure continuous security and identify unusual activity and traffic.

Monitor your system logs for unusual or dangerous activity.

Log Monitoring and Management is a key requirement in PCI DSS 3.2. Tracking events and alerts across multiple store locations can be especially challenging. We make it easy by automating the ongoing collection and analysis of logs across all your stores.  

Make sure your employees don't invite the bad guys in.

ControlScan offers a computer-based, highly flexible security awareness training.
Avoid phishing and other malware attacks by improving your employees’ security awareness with our advanced training courses. 

PCI DSS compliance is a critical requirement.

If your retail business accepts payment cards, then PCI compliance is a critical requirement. ControlScan offers an array of PCI-specific services.

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