Why Real-Time Threat Detection and Response is a Security Imperative

Webinar • March 21, 2019 • Duration: 49 minutes

Who's Watching Your Network?
Why Real-Time Threat Detection and Response is a Security Imperative

Businesses are spending more money than ever on security technologies and tools. But if your business is like most, you’re probably struggling with a shortage of security-related manpower and expertise.

Today’s reality is this: Someone must be actively watching your IT network.
In this educational webinar, Tom Callahan, Director of MDR Operations at ControlScan, shares his insider’s perspective on real-time threat detection and response:

  • The three business functions that should not be on “cybersecurity autopilot”;
  • What outsourcing to a managed security service provider (for managed detection and response, or MDR) entails;
  • How to scale your threat detection and response efforts to cost-effectively meet your business’s security objectives; and
  • Examples of actual ransomware and data breach events ControlScan has been reactively called into—and how real-time threat detection and response could have proactively saved the day.

Webinar Speakers

Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan
Director, MDR Operations

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