ControlScan Solutions for Hospitality Security

Hospitality businesses are an attractive target for attackers.

Make accommodations for tightened data security and simplified PCI compliance.

Industry studies consistently place hospitality in the top three when it comes to IT environment compromises. Because guests are often securing reservations in advance and then staying for multiple days, hotels and resorts must store guest payment card data for an extended period of time.

To increase the risk even more, these businesses have complex, distributed IT environments with lots of endpoints. This multitude of access points presents attackers with many options for invading a poorly secured network. A number of these endpoints are likely POS and other devices processing payments, with guests paying for services in restaurants, gift shops, bars, spas, and of course at the front desk.

ControlScan solutions comprehensively address hospitality’s unique security and compliance needs.

As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), ControlScan will deliver the technology, expertise and manpower that maintains your day-to-day security. Our implementation and guidance will also ensure that PCI compliance is easier for your business to achieve and maintain.

Make sure your front door is well secured.

With our Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewalls in place, our certified Security Operations team will isolate your payment card data environment and then actively monitor your network for unusual activity and traffic.

Sleep well knowing we’re on watch.

Log Monitoring and Management isn’t just a great security measure, it’s also a PCI DSS requirement. Our SIEM technology will collect system logs from your properties and our security operations analysts will watch for possible intrusions or unusual user activity. 

Train your employees to shut the door on attackers.

Providing security awareness training to your employees on an annual basis isn't just a data security best practice, it's a PCI DSS requirement. Our security awareness training platform ensures that all your employees receive the training they need to recognize and repel attacks such as phishing, terminal tampering and social engineering.

Find your best path to PCI compliance.

As a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), ControlScan is equipped to help you find—and stay on—the best path to your business's PCI compliance. PCI compliance gets easier with our expert assessments and testing services, whether you have one location or thousands.

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