SSF Secure SLC Validation

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We help you build security into your development process.

SSF Secure SLC demonstrates vendor commitment to secure development.

The lifecycle of an application is more than just how it is coded, but includes processes that originate when the software is first conceived: What sensitive data types will it handle? How will open-source dependencies be managed? How will code be created, reviewed, deployed and installed? What about ongoing testing and patching vulnerabilities when they are discovered? These steps are all crucial to a secure software lifecycle, and part of providing assurance that a software vendor can be trusted to put out secure software.

ControlScan is an SSF Secure SLC Assessor Company

ControlScan is one of the first certified PCI Software Security Framework (SSF) Secure Software Lifecycle (Secure SLC) Assessor Companies. In contrast to a Secure Software assessment, a Secure SLC assessor assesses your policies, processes and people to ensure that your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and ongoing support processes provide assurance that your applications are free from management oversights that could lead to attack.

Once listed as a Secure SLC Vendor, any software validations that fall under your assessed process can forego repetitious lifecycle process evaluation. In fact, vendors with listed Secure Software can self-assess to incremental changes, preventing the need for additional third-party audits.

Not sure if your processes meet the new standard for SSLC? ControlScan will perform a gap assessment of your current processes including recommendations for efficient ways to improve and comply with the new SSF Secure SLC v1.0 standard and obtain a coveted listing as a Secure SLC Vendor.

With our time-tested audit methodology, consultative approach, and secure data collection platform, you can trust ControlScan to help your development team develop truly secure software and avoid the complexity of perpetual audits.

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