PCI Scope Impact Consulting

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Clearly communicate PCI scope impact to your market.

White papers, opinion letters and application advisory services set the stage.

There are certain applications which remain ineligible or out-of-scope for PA-DSS. This can occur when an application only uses validated P2PE or does not perform authorization or settlement activities. Other reasons could include the level of customization or use of shared third-party libraries for payment processing. In each of these cases, market confusion can arise in how these design decisions affect the security of the application and/or how your customers can ensure the application supports their own PCI DSS requirements.

Software Consumers are Concerned with PCI Scope Impact

We’re here to assist payment software vendors that fit the above description or are otherwise seeking to remove their application from PCI scope and discontinue maintaining PA-DSS validation. Our security consulting team performs advisory services related to the PCI scope impact from application changes to architecture, segmentation, encryption and/or tokenization.

Whether your task is to remediate and/or prepare for a PA-DSS assessment, externally communicate the strong security of your payment-related software suite, or provide a letter that satisfies key customer concerns related to conformity to applicable compliance requirements, ControlScan will provide you with a custom advisory solution that meets your business needs.

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