PCI PA-QSA Application Validation

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PA-QSA expertise to simply the validation process.

Overcome the challenge of getting your payment application listed.

PCI PA-QSA services by ControlScanIn order to be validated as a PA-DSS application and listed on the PCI SSC website (as a demonstration of its suitability for handling cardholder data), an application must be validated by a PA-QSA as having met a number of criteria.

First the software must meet PCI’s eligibility requirements, which only allow certain types of commercial software to be listed. Secondly, your organization must maintain a secure development lifecycle, including a strong vulnerability management and update program, and developer training processes to ensure secure coding practices are followed. The application itself must undergo periodic code review, and it must be penetration tested and evaluated using forensic techniques.

All sensitive operations must be performed securely, such as encryption, storage, authentication, logging, wireless and remote access. And finally, your payment application must be distributed with clear implementation documentation for PCI-compliant installation and configuration.

Of course, PA-DSS includes numerous other controls for testing the security of the software and its underlying development processes. Modern development trends, including agile development, extensive leverage of third-party libraries, containerization, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and cloud services, can confuse other assessors not equipped to understand these techniques.

In some cases, while the software itself may be amply secure, the process of evaluating it for conformity to this standard can be a significant challenge. ControlScan understands this challenge and provides application assessment services that ensure the security of your application.

ControlScan is a PA-QSA that actually understands how modern software is built.

Our payment application qualified security assessor (PA-QSA) team represents diverse development backgrounds, while also understanding the management challenges associated with meeting deadlines for software release (and the PCI listing that must accompany it).

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