Payments Encryption (P2PE) for Merchants

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Fast-track your PCI compliance with P2PE payments encryption.

Point-to-point encryption provides better choices for many merchants.

Payments encryption (P2PE) services for merchants - ControlScanFor card-present and MOTO merchants, enabling encryption on card capture devices just makes sense. But many are surprised (and frustrated!) that this action doesn’t automatically translate into tangible security and compliance improvement.

Merchants generally fall into one of the five following categories:

  1. Evaluating use of payments encryption to improve security and compliance,
  2. Using an encryption solution that is unable to be validated,
  3. Using a non-listed encryption solution with compliance guidance (NESA or acquirer),
  4. Using a listed P2PE solution, or
  5. Operating a merchant-managed P2PE solution.

ControlScan is uniquely suited to help with each of these unique operational and compliance challenges. Explore the following P2PE security consulting services below, or call 1-800-825-3301, ext. 2, to speak with our team.

Merchant Encryption Scope Review (MESR)

  • Leverage ControlScan’s expertise to get a clear understanding of how your chosen solution impacts your PCI scope. This payments encryption technology and implementation review is conducted by a Qualified Security Assessor for Point-to-Point Encryption—QSA(P2PE)—and results in a clearly-defined environment and control scope documentation suitable for approval by your acquirer and QSA.

Non-Listed Encryption Solution Assessment (NESA)

  • Many acquirer-based solutions provide guidance, white paper or NESA summary documentation that asserts in-scope controls for those using the solution. These documents are often not standardized, and merchants may require additional support to be confident in the compliance of their environment.

P2PE Merchant-Managed Solution (MMS) Assessment

  • Operating your own MMS lets you maintain control of your cardholder data while still receiving significant scope reduction at retail locations. Ideal for large, multi-location retail merchants with highly customized customer experience and/or unique processing demands.

Is your encryption solution unlisted? Have your solution provider contact ControlScan to discuss options for P2PE—including our P2PE gap assessment and advisory services—to help get them there.