PCI Web Application Security Testing

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Web Application Security Testing

Protect PCI payment data from online attackers.

Web applications are now the most frequent point of compromise and data breach for a number of reasons: Their rapid proliferation across the Internet, the ease of access offered to anyone around the world, and the vulnerabilities within them that developers unwittingly introduce. As a result, vulnerabilities and exposures related to web application security top the list of security threats that organizations face each year. Any company conducting e-commerce transactions or carrying out other online business involving sensitive customer/patient data must be concerned by the security of their web presence.

If a website or web application is part of your PCI card data environment (CDE), ControlScan can help ensure its security. ControlScan's Web Application Security Testing services ensure the security of your website—the critical front door to your online business. In the course of the test, a certified testing expert simulates a real-world attack against your application and the underlying infrastructure to identify threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your system and the data it supports.

Our testers perform reconnaissance against the websites and web applications you specify, discovering vulnerabilities through a blended approach of automated discovery and manual testing. A hands-on approach allows the tester to attack from different vectors and leverage changing conditions within the environment. Should vulnerabilities be uncovered, they’ll be exploited in order to determine the extent and scope of risk. All of this is done with your knowledge and permission.

Upon completion, a formal report is prepared detailing the findings uncovered by the testing process. The tester that conducted the exercise walks you through the report in detail, ensuring you understand the weak points and gaps discovered and have a strategy for strengthening them. Most clients remediate the findings and then engage ControlScan to retest and verify the target environment is secure.

Be sure to regularly test websites and web applications that impact PCI data.

Get a third party's opinion of your website security.

Maintaining a secure online presence is the best reason to undergo Web Application Security Testing, but there are other great reasons, too:

  • Conducting regular Web Application Security Testing helps you reduce risk, limit vulnerabilities and maintain secure web applications, and meet requirements like 6.6 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • Frequent Web Application Assessments also help you address HIPAA and HITECH requirements to ensure that your web applications are secure and your protected health information (PHI) is less susceptible to compromise.

Despite developer best efforts, common vulnerabilities like SQL Injection and cross-site scripting continue to work their way into even the most sophisticated sites. Find them and fix them right away with a Web Application Security Test.

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