HIPAA Security Awareness Training

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Raise security awareness.

Mobilize your internal defenses.

Your employee organization is your most critical line of defense when it comes to protecting your network environment and the protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) data within it. Social engineering, spear phishing, drive-by downloads, and watering holes are just some of the attack strategies that your employees face on a day-to-day basis.

A security awareness training program is also a cornerstone of every major compliance framework, including HIPAA. In fact, experts agree that the two most important steps toward HIPAA compliance are a plan for regular IT Risk Assessments and a program of security awareness training. If compliance factors into your business in any way, then putting security awareness training in place should be one of your first steps.

The ControlScan Security Awareness Training (SAT) program is designed to help your employees recognize and avoid everyday security threats while ensuring that your business information—including sensitive customer data—is continuously secure.

Getting started with HIPAA Security Awareness Training doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.

Make sure ALL your employees are protecting your business!

ControlScan Security Awareness Training delivers courses over the web so that employees can view them anytime and anywhere. You get to choose the courses available to them, which can include general instruction in security as well as courses specific to HIPAA and more.

  • Training content is accessed out of your own training portal that features your organization’s logo and branding;
  • Courses are interactive and professionally narrated, keeping your employees engaged right to the end;
  • Employees are quizzed along the way, ensuring that they are attentive and absorbing the information;
  • Certificates are provided to employees to document their success in mastering topics;
  • Your administrator has access to activity reports tracking every user and the courses they have accessed and successfully completed; and
  • ControlScan’s service is dynamic, allowing you to add or deactivate employees and add or assign new courses.

ControlScan Security Awareness Training can be implemented in days, provides you with a critical security measure and enabling you to demonstrate compliance with training requirements that apply to your business.

Broad range of courses.

You can make training on the following topics available almost immediately to your organization:

  • Security Essentials
  • PCI Basics
  • Social Engineering Overview
  • Malicious Software
  • Password Protection and Management
  • Email Use and Security
  • Wireless and Mobile Device Security
  • Access Control

If your needs extend beyond this list, let us know and we’ll work with you to meet your requirements!

Contact ControlScan today for a demonstration and obtain more details, and start reaping the security and compliance benefits of a well-informed workforce.

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