HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

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Gain a complete understanding of your healthcare organization's HIPAA security posture.

Determining where true risk exists can be a daunting task, especially when considering the ever-changing pace of technology, information security, your industry and your business. Oftentimes, things rarely stand still long enough to be measured and if you’re not able to measure risk, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to manage it effectively.

A HIPAA Security Risk Assessment provides a clear road map to achieving compliance with the HIPAA regulations and mandates. Experts agree that performing a healthcare security risk assessment is the best first step on the road to HIPAA compliance, and is the most important measure to repeat on an ongoing basis. This assessment is especially useful if your organization is subject to compliance standards beyond HIPAA—such as PCI—as it will enable overlapping requirements to be addressed efficiently.

When you engage ControlScan for a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, we'll tailor the process to your specific organization, environment and circumstances. However, the engagement will always begin with a senior consultant working closely with you and your team to identify and evaluate your most critical assets and functional areas.

The ControlScan HIPAA Security Risk Assessment process helps meet HIPAA Security Rule 164.308.

Reducing your risk begins here.

Your organization’s critical assets face threats that extend beyond the realm of technology. Your processes and employees can expose your crown jewels in ways that cannot be mitigated with technical controls alone. Understanding all of these factors in terms of business risk will play a key role in your ability to defend what matters most.

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