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Data thieves are looking for their next opportunity.

The term “information superhighway” left us at the turn of the century, yet your organization's connection with the Internet gives it the ability to send and receive information at Autobahn-like speeds. Unfortunately, the highway your business's information travels along is lined with data thieves and cyber criminals who are looking to capitalize on your security missteps.

Data thieves leverage the Internet to make off with the sensitive information businesses handle, including:

  • Personally-identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, home and email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.;
  • Cardholder data (CHD) such as primary account numbers, PIN codes, CVV codes, etc; and
  • Protected health information (PHI) such as medical histories, insurance information, etc.

Why is compliance important?

Compliance requirements such as the PCI DSS and HIPAA exist to ensure that those who work with sensitive information do everything in their power to protect it. Large companies dedicate whole departments of people to security and compliance, yet small and mid-sized businesses are left to sort it out with limited resources and competing priorities.

You may be tempted to just "check the boxes" of compliance requirements and move on rather than dedicate valuable time to compliance. Giving into that temptation is extremely risky, however, because data thieves don't discriminate among the businesses they exploit. Keeping data thieves out of your organization’s network begins with established, enforced standards for information security and privacy.

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Here's how we can help.

You may be just getting started with the compliance process, already working on it or prepared to validate your organization's compliance. Regardless, achieving and maintaining compliance is a complex, ongoing endeavor that involves technology, physical measures and administrative controls.

As your partner in the PCI Compliance and/or HIPAA Compliance processes, we'll be by your side every step of the way with the tools and support you need to ensure your business is adequately protecting itself and its customers.

Over time, you'll have a compliance framework that reinforces your business's objectives while meeting the latest security and privacy requirements. This is what we call authentic compliance.