2019 SMB Payment Security Research Report

New information surrounding how small and mid-sized businesses understand and respond to cybersecurity risk.

March 11, 2019

White Paper

Cybersecurity Risk, Response and Reward:
Findings from the 2019 ControlScan/MAC SMB Payment Security Survey

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The payments industry has been grappling with cybersecurity for many years, especially in relation to how small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) handle cardholder data. Smarter, more secure technologies have been developed, data security guidelines have been standardized, and partnerships have been formed—all in an effort to address cybersecurity risk.

Merchant service providers engage their SMB merchants in cybersecurity through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Most MSPs have formal PCI programs in place to educate and guide their merchants. Since 2011, ControlScan and the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC) have partnered to conduct an annual survey that tracks various aspects of these PCI programs.

As 2019 approached, ControlScan and MAC once again partnered to organize and conduct an industry study; however, this time we decided to reach out to the SMB merchants themselves. Measuring successes and concerns from the MSP’s perspective had given us part of the equation, so we wanted to learn how well aligned SMBs are with the efforts being aimed at them.

Are SMBs actively taking part in securing their businesses?

Download your free copy of Cybersecurity Risk, Response and Reward: Findings from the 2019 ControlScan/MAC SMB Payment Security Survey and you’ll learn:

First PCI QSA Assessment
  • The 3 reasons many SMBs mistakenly believe they are at a low risk for data breach;
  • SMBs’ greatest sticking points in the PCI compliance process;
  • Security technologies that are winning SMB approval and adoption; and
  • How to educate and engage SMB merchants for reduced business risk and long-lasting relationships.

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